Ousted Gabonese President Ali Bongo and his sons on hunger strike following allegations of torture of family members

Ousted Gabonese President Ali Bongo and his two sons, Jalil and Bilal, have launched a hunger strike to protest allegations of “torture” against members of their family.

The Bongo family’s lawyers, François Zimeray and Catalina de la Sota, revealed in a statement on Tuesday the hunger strike of Mr. Bongo and his sons.

They claimed that Mr. Bongo’s first son, Noureddin, had been “tortured repeatedly, beaten with a hammer and a crowbar, strangled, whipped and electrocuted with a Taser gun.”

The lawyers added that Sylvia Bongo was also beaten and forced to watch Noureddin’s torture.

On the eve of the planned visit to France by Gabonese military leader Brice Oligui, Mr Bongo’s lawyers also filed a complaint with the Paris judicial court to investigate the former Gabonese president’s allegations.

Mr Bongo’s government was toppled in August 2023, shortly after he was declared the winner of a controversial election that would have seen him continue the 56-year rule of the Bongos dynasty in Gabon.

Since Mr. Oligui, Mr. Bongo’s cousin, took power, Ms. Bongo and Noureddin have been in detention on corruption charges.