Weed sprayers testify at murder trial of Greg Lynn, accused of killing Victorian campers

Two weed sprayers recommended a former pilot set up camp at Bucks Camp days before he murdered two pensioners at the remote campsite in Victoria’s High Country, a court has heard.

Weed sprayer Robbie Williams told the Supreme Court of Victoria how he was working in the Wonnangatta Valley in March 2020 when a “sweaty” man in deer hunting gear – matching the description of alleged murderer Greg Lynn – asked him where to camp.

During an interaction that Mr. Williams described as “friendly” and “good-natured,” he said he told the man that “Bucks Camp was the best camp” and then saw him parked at that place.

Mr Lynn, 57, has pleaded not guilty to the murders of Russell Hill, 74, and Carol Clay, 73, who went missing after a camping trip in the remote Wonnangatta Valley in March 2020.

A composite image of an older man and an older woman smiling.

Carol Clay and Russell Hill disappeared while camping in Victoria’s High Country in 2020.(Supplied: Victoria Police)

In colorful evidence at today’s hearing in the Victorian Supreme Court, weed sprayer Mr Williams also told the court how on the day of the alleged murders he saw a couple each other head to Bucks Camp in a “sleek” white Landcruiser with a silver awning.

“It wouldn’t bother me myself,” he told the court.

Mr Williams’ description matched Mr Hill and Ms Clay’s car, which was later found burned and abandoned at the Bucks Camp site.

Mr Williams told the court the driver of the Landcruiser seemed “really grumpy” and might have been arguing when he drove past him while he was spraying weeds on the side of the road on 20 March 2020.

“He just seemed really grumpy and sad… it was just the way he passed me, it’s unusual, people usually slow down,” Mr Williams told the court.

Prosecutors say the couple was murdered later that evening.

Court hears alleged murder after drone dispute

The disappearance of Mr Hill and Ms Clay in March 2020 sparked a major search operation.

Mr Lynn was only arrested for the murders in November 2021, the court heard earlier this week.

Prosecutors allege that Mr. Lynn, while camping near the couple at Bucks Camp during a deer hunting trip, murdered both men – shooting Ms. Clay in the head – before burning down their campsite and hide their bodies in a remote location in Victoria’s Alpine region.

Although the exact motive for the alleged crime is not known, prosecutors told the court the killings may have followed an argument over Mr Hill’s drone.

Mr Lynn’s defense lawyers agree he contaminated evidence – including removing and then burning the two bodies, but told the court the deaths were accidental and occurred following a dispute over hunting at the stag during which Mr. Hill took Mr. Lynn’s gun.

In late 2021, prosecutors told the court that skeletal remains, mostly “incomplete” and showing signs of burning, were found at a site next to the Union Spur Track, near Dargo.

A brown, almost barren land, mountains in the distance and a blue sky with clouds.

Mr Hill and Ms Clay disappeared while camping in Victoria’s rugged High Country.(ABC News: Tim Bates)

Mr Williams also recalled that a drone flew over his own campsite later that evening, in a “bit of a rude” manner.

He didn’t know where the drone was flying from or who was piloting it, but he waved to it.

He told the court he was camping about 2 miles from the Bucks camp.

“We got back to camp and we were going and were lighting a fire when I heard this noise coming from the river and I couldn’t make out what it was,” he told the court.

“Then I looked up and noticed that above me there was a drone flying above me, very low.”

The court also heard from another weed sprayer, Walter Gibbs, who recalled the short “friendly” conversation with the deer hunter about Bucks Camp.

He also saw the drone flying on the evening of March 20, 2020.

Later today, it is planned to hear testimony from two other campers, who live in New South Wales and were in the area at the time.

The trial continues.

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