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Susan Stuebner, Marietta College’s new president who begins July 15, speaks to a group of students after a formal welcome ceremony held in her honor Wednesday afternoon. (Photo by Michelle Dillon)

Marietta College held a ceremony to officially welcome its new president who will begin in July.

Susan Stuebner – who will be MC’s 21st president – ​​was introduced to a group of students, faculty, staff and others at the Dyson Baudo Recreation Center Wednesday afternoon.

Acting MC President Margaret Drugovich opened the ceremony by thanking everyone for coming.

“We’re really happy you’re here and the biggest part of this program will be that Sue gets a chance to get to know you a little bit and meet you,” » said Drugovitch.

According to Drugovich, Stuebner has spent the last 30 years of her career preparing for this moment and she began her career as an assistant women’s basketball coach and later built her experience at various schools including Dartmouth and Allegheny College.

"She spent the last eight years as president of Colby-Sawyer College," » said Drugovitch. “There is no better preparation for the presidency than a presidency. And so I think you can see what I see here, she is impeccably well prepared for this experience.

Drugovich said MC’s Student Government Association, Staff Council and Faculty Council had prepared letters of welcome for Stuebner and she was going to deliver them to him, and then she invited Stuebner to speak.

Stuebner spoke about herself, sharing some information about her family, her career and why she chose Marietta College.

“I really don’t like to focus on myself too much” » said Stübner. “I would much rather focus on all of you, but I think you’re probably wondering ‘Who the hell is this person talking to us?'”

She said that throughout her career her passion had been the sustainability of private regional colleges with students who did not come from high incomes or institutions that did not have a billion endowments and that focus came from her undergraduate experience at Dartmouth where she was involved. in several activities and she received a well-rounded liberal arts background, a transformative experience that launched her toward higher education.

Stuebner said she was originally from Minneapolis, Minn., and spent most of her adult life in Pennsylvania and the Northeast. She has a 92-year-old mother, a wife, two adult children and a two-and-a-half-week-old granddaughter.

“We have three dogs, two 80-pound labradoodles and one 10-pound (cavalier King Charles Spaniel/poodle mix) who run the house,” » said Stübner. “So the backyard of the President’s residence will be lively. We love kayaking, hiking, walking, anything near water.

Stuebner said she wasn’t actively looking for a position when she saw the position open at MC, but she knew she had to take a look. She said the more she read about MC and the more she followed the presidential search process, the more excited she became about the potential match.

Stuebner said some of the things that struck her about MC are its long-standing commitment to the liberal arts, the unique and distinct majors it offers as a small college, the experiential learning at the school , the students she met and their praise for the university and the school’s incredible sense of community.

Stuebner also spoke about his thoughts on Marietta Forward, MC’s strategic plan launched in February.

“Marietta Forward is a great roadmap in terms of where the institution can go…I’m really looking forward to having a conversation not only about Marietta Forward, but how to introduce Marietta to all constituents and how to help them understand how great this institution is and what it stands for. excellent education that students can get here,” » said Stuebner.

She also said that Marietta Forward includes ways to diversify its income and that it has gained some experience at Colby-Sawyer College in establishing partnerships and developing graduate and professional programs.

“I had some really good conversations today about early ideas of where we might go,” she says.

“There are a lot of wonderful points in Marietta Forward, but I think we need to take out the most urgent ones and start addressing them immediately.”

After Stuebner spoke, she mingled with the attendees and talked a little more about her vision for MC.

Stuebner said Marietta Forward is considering many different options for the direction MC could take, including new academic programs at the undergraduate, graduate and professional levels.

“So just hearing today what ideas people thought were most promising is really exciting.” she talked about her conversations with people about college plans.

When asked what idea excites him the most, Stuebner said “I think looking more strategically at a few graduate programs, but taking the time to do it right shows promise in really understanding what the needs of the region are.”

Stuenber’s first day is July 15.

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