A slight fire breaks out during aespa’s pre-recording of a musical show

Minor fire occurs on set of South Korean musical show Countdown.

On May 16, music channel Mnet announced that a small fire had broken out on set earlier in the day after “a spark flew into the set at the corner of the stage” while the girl group Aespa was recording a performance.

According to the channel by MBCthe fire was quickly detected and extinguished, and all performers and audience members were safely evacuated with no injuries reported.

“Recording of aespa’s comeback scene was completed today and will be released without problems. No further recording was made after the fire,” he said, adding that he was processing all Countdown sets with a flame retardant and reviewing its maintenance to avoid future problems.

Shortly after, aespa’s label, SM Entertainment, released its own statement regarding the incident and sharing that member Winter would not be present during the live broadcast of the show due to his “poor condition “. His participation in the activities planned for the following days will be decided as his convalescence progresses.

The group was set to record a performance of their new single “Supernova,” which they released earlier this week. The song is a preview single from their upcoming studio album “Armageddon,” which arrives May 27 along with a music video for its title track of the same name.

aespa’s upcoming record will feature a total of ten tracks, including “Long Chat (#♥)” and “Licorice”, for which they have since been previewed in the accompanying visuals.

In other news, girl group IVE released the music video for their new single “Accendio” earlier today. The song is the second of two lead tracks from their new mini-album “IVE Switch,” arriving at the end of April.