Pro-Palestinian groups block British arms factories shipping products to ‘Israel’

Six members of the Palestine Action group were arrested by police after stopping and blocking the entrance to the company UAV Engines Ltd which ships weapons to the occupation.

  • Protesters outside Elbit's UAV Engines Ltd in London (X/PalestineAction)
    Protesters outside UAV Engines Ltd in Elbit, UK (X/PalestineAction)

The UK witnessed another protest against sending arms to “Israel”, as pro-Palestinian protesters blocked numerous arms factories.

In Glasgow, the entrance to the Thales factory was blocked and five activists were arrested.

In Shenstone, members of the Palestine Action group stood at the entrance to UAV Engines Ltd. Six activists were arrested by police at the scene.

In recent weeks, hundreds of thousands of protesters have marched through London, demanding that the Israeli regime end its genocidal campaign in the besieged Gaza Strip.

It comes days after British Foreign Secretary David Cameron said the BBC that although it opposes a major ground offensive at Rafah, the UK will not follow in the US’s footsteps by ending some arms sales to “Israel”. He noted that the UK contributes only 1% of “Israel’s” total arms supply and stressed that “Israel” must better “protect civilians” and ensure the passage of the ‘humanitarian aid.

Meanwhile, Labor’s Jonathan Ashworth, among others, has expressed opposition to the use of UK-made weapons in Rafah.

Last week, US President Joe Biden announced that the US would stop supplying weapons to “Israel” if it continued with plans to invade Rafah without establishing a US-approved plan to allegedly protect the Palestinians.

Forward until they all go out

The Palestine Action group has been very active in the UK advocating for a halt to arms shipments to “Israel”.

Last month they stormed a US Teledyne factory in West Yorkshire because it exports weapons for the Israeli occupation forces.

In its statement, the group said: “By breaching security, the activists scaled the factory to cover the roof, forcing the site to close and rendering it unable to ship its shipments of weapons parts intended for genocide from Gaza. »

Then, in March, they forced Elbit Systems, “Israel’s” largest arms company, to permanently close another arms factory in the UK, despite arrests, searches and imprisonment.

The group announced that its efforts have led to the permanent closure of Elbit Systems’ Elite KL factory in Tamworth, Staffordshire. This was the third Elbit Systems site in the UK to be forced to close permanently by Palestine Action.

Other activists have also previously blocked weapons factories in an effort to stop arms shipments to “Israel”, which has so far killed more than 35,000 Palestinians in Gaza.

On May 1, protesters blocked the British Department of Commerce in London and BAE Systems arms factories in Scotland, Wales and Lancashire.