A suspected drug lord’s illegal beachfront hotel in Dehiwala was allegedly built on top of the government. earth – Latest news

Colombo, May 16 (Daily Mirror) – The “Soul Beach” hotel, which was located in Dehiwala and later demolished, is believed to have belonged to Shiran Basik, a major suspected drug trafficker currently operating from abroad, and would have been built. on government land, it was revealed.

The hotel structures were demolished in January this year by the coastguard and police after it was found to be an illegal construction.

However, a group of individuals who were carrying out construction work at the site were taken into custody on Tuesday for illegal construction.

Officers of the Mount Lavinia Division Special Investigation Unit revealed that the tax document presented by the suspects was falsified.

As a result, 14 suspects were arrested on Tuesday and remanded in custody until May 28 after being produced in court.

Following an inspection by surveyors from the Government Survey Department, it was reported that the land in question belonged to the government.