Houston Humane Society’s Wildlife Center needs help caring for animals

CW39 Houston Humane Society Wildlife Center needs help

Houston Humane Society Wildlife Center

HOUSTON (KIAH) — The Houston Humane Society Wildlife Center works 24/7 to help animals struggling in the wild thrive and succeed. She now needs the public’s help to help animals who desperately need it.

The HHS Wildlife Center is asking for the public’s help and they are all contacting us for our help! According to the center, more than 200 animals are currently in their care.

They are facing a shortage of essential supplies to provide the necessary support to their wildlife patients. Their rehabilitation efforts currently require airtight containers to preserve the freshness of essential food for their animals.

If you would like to contribute, please consider visiting the following link:…

As a non-profit organization, they say they deeply appreciate your donations. Without community support, they would be unable to provide the vital supplies and care required by these wild animals.