Fear of Covishield is scammers’ latest weapon to get your personal information | Kolkata News

KOLKATA: Concerns over the effectiveness of Covid vaccines have become the latest tool in the hands of fraudsters to dupe gullible citizens into revealing their personal details, including their Aadhaar number and banking details, cops say.
Several Calcutta residents recently received calls from people claiming to be from the Health Ministry, asking if they had been administered Covishield or Covishield. Covaxinthen proceeds to collect personal data such as Aadhaar number. Others received IVRS (interactive voice response system) calls with a recorded voice, also seeking vaccine-related information.
“The recorded voice first asks if a person has taken a Covid vaccine. If yes, they are asked to press a button, usually 1 for Covishield and 2 for Covaxin. Then the phone freezes and the network disappears for a few hours,” said an officer of the Kolkata Police cyber cell. Although no one has lost money yet, cyber experts believe that these are attempts by cyber criminals. aimed at taking control of a person’s phone in order to collect personal and financial information and access bank accounts.
Police officers have repeatedly warned citizens to be vigilant when receiving calls from unknown numbers and advised against sharing personal information, bank account details and OTPs.
The risk of the vaccine is minimal, don’t panic: Docs
In light of the latest fraud, police stress that doctors and researchers have asked citizens not to be overly concerned about the health impact of Covishield vaccine.
“No drug or vaccine is absolutely safe. Given the positive impact of this vaccine on millions of people, the associated risk is minimal. Concerns and anxiety related to thrombosis thrombocytopenia syndrome (TTS) with Covishield are unwarranted. There is no need to panic,” said Santanu K Tripathi, professor and former head of clinical and experimental pharmacology at STM.
According to Tripathi, around 85 million people have received two doses, but only 36 cases of TTS linked to Covishield have been reported, including 18 deaths. “Despite the trend of under-reporting of any adverse experience associated with drugs or vaccines and low treatment-seeking behavior in India, the incidence of Covishield-related TTS is very low,” it said.