Who is Hayden Hopkins? Everything About Raiders Owner Mark Davis’ Alleged Pregnant Girlfriend

For some time now, there have been reports that Las Vegas Raiders owner Mark Davis is dating influencer Hayden Hopkins, 26. According to a popular X handle, ML Football Hopkins is expecting his first child but has not disclosed the father’s identity to the public.

This sparked widespread speculation about whether Davis could be the father-to-be, shedding light on the alleged relationship between the NFL team owner and the young social media personality.

Discover the dating rumor between Mark Davis and Hayden Hopkins

It all started after the Las Vegas Raiders’ victory over the Los Angeles Chargers was overshadowed by the presence of a mysterious blonde woman sitting next to team owner Mark Davis in December 2022.

Social media was rife with speculation about her identity and possible romantic involvement with Davis. As rumors swirled, the spotlight turned to Hayden Hopkins, professional dancer, choreographer and alleged girlfriend of the Raiders’ owner.


Hayden Hopkins’ Dancing Prowess and Entrepreneurial Ventures

Hopkins’ talent has graced stages across the United States, Canada and Australia. Recently, she played the role of “La Belle” in the Cirque du Soleil show “Mystère” in Las Vegas. She also performed as a backup dancer for Jason Derulo.

Her accomplishments in the dance world are numerous, including national titles and awards throughout her career.

Hayden’s background has included training at conventions, guest teaching in Sydney, and appearances on television shows such as Good Morning America.

She also showed off her modeling skills by posting bikini images. Hayden’s versatility is reflected in his accomplishments in the dance world and beyond.

Alongside her artistic pursuits, Hopkins ventured into entrepreneurship at the age of 18, launching her own dancewear brand, “HHxx”. Balancing her passion for dance and her academic studies, she pursued studies in this field while residing in New York.

Hayden Hopkins’ rumored relationship and alleged pregnancy with Mark Davis

Although the nature of Hopkins’ relationship with Mark Davis remains shrouded in mystery, his presence at the Raiders game fueled speculation of a romantic relationship. Fans and media alike sought to uncover the truth behind her presence and the rumors about her alleged pregnancy.

According to reports, Hopkins revealed her pregnancy via a post on TikTok, although the identity of the father is not disclosed to the public. This revelation only added to the intrigue surrounding his alleged ties to the Raiders’ owner.

Mark Davis: a legacy of ownership

Mark Davis’ background as owner of the Las Vegas Raiders stems from his father, Al Davis, who acquired ownership of the team in 1972. While his father was the majority owner, Mark gained valuable experience in working in the team’s retail and equipment departments.

Mark is notably credited with creating the hand warmer, or “muff,” a crucial accessory that quarterbacks still rely on during cold game days.

When Al Davis died in 2011, Mark and his mother, Carol, became co-owners of the Raiders, in accordance with his father’s will. It was under Mark’s leadership that the team’s move from Oakland to Las Vegas took shape, a decision that had been discussed for years.

In 2015, Mark Davis expressed interest in moving the Raiders to Las Vegas, and by 2017 the move had become official. Allegiant Stadium, the team’s new home in Las Vegas, opened in 2020, although fans were initially barred from attending games due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Mark’s ownership expanded beyond the Raiders when he acquired the WNBA’s Las Vegas Aces in January 2021, a team that won the organization’s first WNBA championship in 2022.

As rumors and speculation continue to swirl, Mark Davis and Hayden Hopkins’ relationship remains murky, along with the mystery over who the latter’s firstborn’s father is, leaving us with a million unanswered questions.