A high school student was sent back to class after being hit in the head during a fight. A few hours later he was dead

A family is fighting for answers after a teenager died hours after being punched in the back of the head during a school fight, before being sent back to class.

Emmanuel Emeka, 17, then had a seizure in his classroom at Henry Clay High School in Lexington, Kentucky, last week. He was rushed to hospital, where his mother told local media she saw an entire team trying, unsuccessfully, to save her son.

Emmanuel Emeka, 17, died hours after being hit in the head by another student in Lexington, Kentucky. (Lex 18)

The school district told the family no fights were reported, but Emmanuel’s family and friends now want answers.

“It hurts. It still hurts. Even being at his house or just at my house in the living room because he’s right there. Nothing is the same as before,” said Modoul Danso, the best friend of Emmanuel, at Lex 18.

“It’s just that he played a big role in each of our lives. We just miss him. It’s no longer the same feeling.

The fight had broken out at the high school, with Emmanuel involved in one way or another, according to witnesses.

It was just after the fight ended that the teenager was punched in the back of the head by another student, but he reportedly received no medical treatment.

Emmanuel’s mother, Irene Mwele, told Lex 18 that she received a call from the school about an emergency at 10:55 a.m., but heard nothing afterwards.

“The school is like a second family to him, so they are supposed to take responsibility when she is not there to know,” Irene said through a relative who translated for her. “And she wants to have that communication with them, so they can tell her what exactly happened with her son.”

The Lexington Fire Department said The independent that he was called to the school at 10:09 a.m. following reports of a patient suffering a seizure.

Emmanuel’s mother and siblings seek answers about his death last week (Lex 18)

The Fayette County Public School District said The independent that he had been in “constant contact” with the family.

“The entire FCPS family mourns the passing of the HCHS student on Friday,” said FCPS spokesperson Dia Davidson-Smith. “This incident is the subject of a full investigation and no comment will be made until this is complete.

“On behalf of the superintendent and the entire FCPS family, our sincere condolences.”

As his family and friends gathered without him for Mother’s Day, Emmanuel was described as an honest person with a big heart.

The 17-year-old planned to attend community college once he graduated in two weeks.

“He has his papers, he was accepted into college. He talked about college, how happy he was and how excited he was to leave high school and start a new life,” Mr. Danso added.

His sister Ndaya Emeka, 14, told the outlet that Emmanuel was the “best brother”.

“If I needed help with something, he would help me,” she said. “If I needed it, like if my mood changed, he would know before anyone else and if I needed help with school stuff, he would do it.”

The independent reached out to the Lexington Police Department for further comment but has not yet received a response.