See Inside 10-Foot-Wide Home Sold for $619,000

What was once an empty remnant lot used as a neighbor’s garden is now the site of a 1,547-square-foot home in Jacksonville Beach, Fla., that’s just 10 feet wide.

The two-story home sits on a 25-foot-wide lot (with plenty of depth) and even has space for a garage.

If the neighborhood had its way, there would be no house at all. The neighborhood attended a public hearing to voice concerns — primarily from a neighbor who was using the untouched land as a garden — and persuaded the council to reject any adjustment.

They were forced to build a 10-foot-wide house instead of a 15-foot-wide house, but they still managed to attract buyers. Take a look inside.

(The home even has space for a one-car garage. Open door optics)

“We don’t create our own subdivisions and build — typically we build on land that exists,” said Ryan Wetherhold of Oceanside Real Estate. “In this particular neighborhood, typical of beach areas or high-density areas, you will have areas of smaller lots.”

(The house is wedged between a few other houses. Open door optics)

The lots were all 25 feet wide, Wetherhold said, but some owners eventually began grouping the lots together, leaving uneven spacing.

(Inside the narrow garage. Open door optics)

Wetherhold and Atkins have already built narrow houses on these remaining lots and generally enjoy some grace regarding building codes.

“They’ll say, ‘OK, you can build backwards, you can build wider, you can build deeper, you can move forward,'” he said. “In general, it’s a pretty simple process.”

(The entrance leading to the dining room. Open door optics)

But because of complaints from some neighbors, they had to build the house according to the codes they were given.

“We still had to build to the building code, a modern building code that has been revised and is quite conservative with 35 percent legal coverage and 7 ½ foot setbacks on each side,” Wetherhold said . “So that forced us to build a 10-foot-wide house. We had no other choice.”

(Integrated removable seats. Open door optics)

Due to construction constraints, the house has some interesting features such as bumps, similar to what you would see in an RV.

“You’re not supposed to put any floor space in there, but you can put a seating area in there — so you won’t be able to stand on it, but you can put in built-in seating,” Wetherhold said. “We built a ton of built-in seating because it’s narrow anyway. Trying to fit a couch into a 10-foot-wide house isn’t really practical.”

(The kitchen opens onto a living space. Open door optics)

The house was completed this year and listed in March for $619,000.

Wetherhold said he made a deal within the first week, but it fell through.

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